How it works:

When you click the "generate a wallet" button below a new bitcoin address will be assigned to a Uniform resource locator (URL). You will be forwarded to that URL. This URL is the key to your bitoicns so bookmark it and don't share the URL with anyone you would not want to access your cryptocurrecny wallet.

Mobile Phone Bitcoin Wallet Web-App

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    Send Funds

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  • Your wallet contains a QR code representation of your Bitcoin address. Others may scan it to send you coins.

  • Immediately below is your bitcoin address in text notation and your balance.

  • "Send Funds" interface allows you to send any amount to any valid address provided your balance is adequate. Transaction fee is .0005BTC.

  • Although it is up to you how you use this service, it is intended to be used as wallet providing mobile access to bitcoins rather than a bank.