Bitcoin Web Wallet is designed for mobile phone users. To that end, signup and use are as simple as possible. Users are assigned a bitcoin address and a URL. Coins sent to their address are available at their URL.

  •   Mobile phone friendly interface
  •   Simple use
  •   QR code payment address graphic
  •   Instant sign-up: no registration required

  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator (for example: )
  • QR Code - A two dimensional bar-code containing your bitcion address
  • Transaction Fee - .0005 BTC transaction fee
    Why trust this web wallet? I realize that you have no reason to trust a website because trust is earned. This site is simple, secure, and scalable. The application is designed using the principal of least privilege and isolation. Application components (for example web-server, bitcoind, and network-connectivity) are isolated in LXC containers and SELinux is used to enforce Mandatory Access Controls on containers such that even administrations can not access users information.
    Physical security revolves around operating the server from an unknown privately owned location. Hosted within a Faraday cage, if anything trips the outer alarms the web wallet application's data is held encrypted and it's function is transferred to an alternate location until authenticated persons can clear the alarm. Encrypted daily backups are mirrored around the globe to hot-sites and cold storage.
    Available on clearnet, Tor, I2P and Freifunk to ensure the uninterrupted availability of your bitcoins.

To view an example and to open a wallet: Click here

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